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Our Journey

Located in Maxwell, Texas, 78656, Southern Star Farms has been a pioneer in sustainable agriculture since its inception in 2015. What started as an aquaponics farm has evolved into a thriving enterprise that now embraces the benefits of soil gardening. Recognizing the need for a farming system that produces high-quality organic produce and aligns with our commitment to sustainability, we transitioned to soil gardening in 2020. This change allowed us to optimize the maintenance of our gardens while maintaining the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.


Today, Southern Star Farms boasts three vibrant gardens on our property. These gardens are carefully tended with a deep understanding of organic farming practices, ensuring the cultivation of nutrient-rich, flavorful, and chemical-free fruits, vegetables, and herbs. To make our organic produce easily accessible to the community, we have established multiple channels for distribution. Whether through our Artisan Grocery Shops, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Baskets, Farmer's Markets, local restaurants, or our convenient online store, we are dedicated to bringing the goodness of locally grown, organic produce directly to our customers' plates.


We are driven by a passion for sustainable farming, the desire to nourish our communities with organic produce, and the commitment to educate and inspire others to embrace sustainable practices. Our journey is toward a healthier, more sustainable future, where the connection between the food we eat, the land we cherish, and the well-being of all thrives in harmony

Our Vision

Our farm's vision is rooted in sustainability, harmony, and community. We are committed to practicing environmentally friendly farming techniques, minimizing our ecological footprint, and being stewards of the land. By opening our doors to weddings, concerts, and diverse events, we aim to strengthen community bonds, create opportunities for joy and celebration, and inspire a shared commitment to living in harmony with nature.

Together, we can create a vibrant and inclusive space where organic produce, holistic well-being, and unforgettable events converge, fostering a deep connection, nourishment, and joy. Join us on this journey toward a healthier, more harmonious, and memorable future.

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